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Watching HSC Result 2014


Higher secondary School Certificate (HSC) and equivalent examination results under Dhaka board, Chittagong board, Comilla board, Jessore board, Rajshahi board, Barisal board, Dinajpur board, Sylhet Board of Bangladesh including Madrasa board and Technical Education Board will be published at the same time.

HSC Result 2014, HSC Result, Alim (Madrasha) and Technical Board Examination Result 2014 will be publish on end of June or first of July 2014 by board of intermediate and secondary education, educationboardresults.gov.bd.

HSC Result 2014Last year HSC Result 2013 as published on 3rd, August 2013.

In 2013, a total of 10,02,496 examinees from 7,657 educational institutions was appeared at the exam and 7,44,891 students passed successfully.

Sylhet Board pass rate of 79.13% which was the top position among all the eight general education boards while Chittagong Board the lowest with 61.22% success rate.

Total 74.04% candidates of Dhaka Board,  77.69% in Rajshahi, 71.94% in Dinajpur, 67.49% in Jessore, 74.56% in Comilla and 71.69 in Barisal passed.

However, students of science group achieved top positions with 27,873 GPA-5. Total of 13,139 students got GPA-5 from commerce group And 5,724 from humanities group.

On the other hand, students of commerce group achieved highest pass rate was 77.32%, 72.53% for science groups and 66.30% for humanities group.

HSC Result 2014:

Normally the HSC result is published just after one month of the exam. So probable date for the HSC result 2014 will be on 1st week of July, 2014.

HSC Result 2014 Watching:

HSC Result 2014 from Mobile:

To know HSC Result 2014 through your mobile phone, go to the message option and Type HSC/Alim <> First three letters of Board name <> Roll no <>2013 and send to 16222.

As for example:

HSC<Space>Dha<Space>123460<Space>2013 send to 16222

Alim<Space>Mad<Space>123467<Space>2013 send to 16222

HSC<Space>Tec<Space>123480<Space>2013 send to 16222

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Latest Directory List 2014


তবে ডিরেক্টরি জমা দেবার সময় চেষ্টা করবেন ভাল বর্ণনা দিতে তা না হলে স্পাম হতে পারে। ডিরেক্টরি লিস্টটা নিচে দেওয়া হল।

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ব্লগার লেবেল-এ প্রদর্শিত পোস্ট সংখ্যা নির্দিষ্ট করবেন কিভাবে


অনেকের একই বিভাগে অনেক পোস্ট থাকে। ঐ বিভাকে ক্লিক করলে সব গুলো পোস্ট একসাথে show হয়। একসাথে সকল পোস্ট show হওয়া বন্ধ করে দিন।

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The study of management as a discipline is relatively new, especially when compared with other scientific disciplines. Yet, to truly understand current management thought, it is necessary to examine the historical links. It is best to consider not only management pioneers' management theories, but also the contextual and environmental factors that helped to clarify the developmental process behind the theories. Therefore, management pioneers may be easily placed along a historical timeline.
Using the work of Daniel Wren as a guide, the following categories are employed: (1) early management thought; (2) the scientific management era; (3) the social man era; and (4) the modern era. 
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Defination Of loans and advances With Interest rate


What is the difference between loans and advances?

Very similiar. A loan is money someone gives you which you will assumedly pay back in the future. An advance in money given to you now but to be taken out of money you would make in the future. 

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